More diabetes training for NRH


MORE training have been provided by the Taiwan Health Centre last week involving diabetic specialists from Taiwan.

The training classes were conducted by the Taiwan Health Centre with the visiting team of four inter-professional experts, they are renal and diabetic nurse educators—PN Hsiao and HL Liang, dietician (HY Liao), medical doctor (CC Wu) and Nutrition Professor (MC Huang) from Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital (KMUH) in Taiwan.

YS Jhong, ZI Yan, ZN Yu and TY Liu came all the way from Taiwan to help in the workshop.

Leader of Taiwan Health Centre Ms Alice Hsu said local Solomon seed teachers have collaborated with KMUH experts to serve as coaches in consecutive series of training courses about patient-centred diabetic care skills which can be applied in urban villages.

Participant undergo training courses of diabetes care to reduce complications, sponsored by the Government of Taiwan, was held at National Referral Hospital.

Hsu said one systemic review article published in 2015 Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice shows that high rates of diabetic complications are reported based on 35 studies investigated in Pacific Island Countries.

Head of Nursing Department of NRH Mr Selwyn Hou said in recent years, westernised life-style developed in Solomon Islands can be the main contributors for increasing prevalence of diabetes. This also includes diabetic complications occurring in kidney, eyes, foot, and heart, he adds.

Nurse in charge of NRH Connie Panisi said the workshop provides new information which is helpful in caring for patients with diabetes or complicated with chronic kidney disease.

Taiwan Nutrition Professor Huang and Mrs Salome Diatalau the Chief Nutrition Officer, Nutrition and Food Security for Ministry of Health and Medical Services

With high prevalence of NCD in Solomon Islands, the KMUH team during the workshop set another focus on developing a Solomon healthy-cooking book.

The book nearly on its complete stage and the brains behind the book are led by the Taiwan Nutrition Professor Huang and Chief Nutrition Officer, Nutrition and Food Security, MHNS, Mrs Salome Diatalau.

Publication of the cooking book would become an excellent tool to help general public or diabetes patients to manage their diets.

For the past ten years, close to 300 Solomon diabetic seed teachers have been trained under the KMUH.

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