Moli fears coconut beetle


COCONUT Rhinoceros Beetles (CRB) sightings between Pimadara and Vudutaru villages at Northwest Choiseul has raised concern for the people of Moli area in Vuruvachu, Ward Seven.

Villagers said they have found CRB eggs on site too, being alarmed seeing coconut trees are being damaged.

From such, people of Moli area are calling on the Choiseul Provincial Agriculture Division to assess the situation in their area.

“We also call on the Ministry of Agriculture and other relevant ministries to step forward in addressing the threat imposed in the area before it spreads and goes out of control throughout the province understanding that most people on the island depend very much on coconut for their livelihood,” said representatives of Moli area.

Attempts to get comments or awareness from the Agriculture Division extension at Taro Station yesterday over the concern was not possible.

It is understood that BSI-MAL had recently issued out via text messages informing the nation that coconut palms, oil palms and all other palms in the country are dying so everyone must join the fight against CRBs.

“Cut down palm trees, burn dead logs, kill the beetles and larvae and clean the plantations,” stated BSI-MAL’s text message.

“Call 131 for more information or contact your nearest MAL extension Officer.”

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