MNGFR assures of strengthening mechanism within MPG under its redirection policy


THE Malaita New Government for Fundamental Redirection (MNGFR) of Malaita province pledges to strengthen mechanisms within the province under its redirection policy.

This will be on the administration and governance of the province to see improvement on its standard of operation towards quality delivery of services to people.

Premier Martin Gaote’e Fini said the MNGFR is committed under its redirection policy to step up compliance management system of the financial procedures and processes of the province.

He added this is to strengthen competency and accountability in the procurement systems of MPG as accorded by the Financial Management Ordinance (FMO) and Financial Institutions (FI) of the PGA.

Fini said they will negotiate with MPGIS the payment of all outstanding Ward Development Grand funds so as to avoid the province from failing the Minimum Condition No. 9 in the PCDF Performance Assessment.

He said another area they will be looking at is to design and facilitate appropriate training for MPAs on good governance and procedures in applying the Standard Orders and PGA in the execution of their political mandates.

Fini said MNGFR will also step-up coordination, management, monitoring and evaluation processes within MPG systems to empower each division, in discharging their functions within the legal mandate with limited resources in a timely manner to the most urgent needs.

On the same note, he said his government will be promoting and applying more emphasis on ethical, accountable, responsible and credible leadership among MPAs to the people of Malaita, national government and wider communities.

Fini added that MNGFR is committed to promote and sustain political stability among its executive members and non-executive members of Malaita provincial assembly.

And as key objective under their redirection policy, he said they will be working closely with national government and donor partners on national projects and other key development priorities for the province.

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