MMERE finalises energy framework

By Mike Puia

THE Ministry of Mines, Energy and Rural Electrification (MMERE) is in the process of reviewing and finalising its National Energy Policy Framework (NEPF).

The Ministry, particularly its Energy Division, hopes the revised NEPF will go before cabinet for endorsement during the 3rd quarter of this year.

The Ministry’s Energy Division, yesterday, hold a two-days gathering to review and finalize its 2014 NEPF draft. Government ministries and stakeholders attended the review.

Director of the Mines Division, John Korihihona, told Island Sun the policy they are reviewing will have amendments to the Petroleum Act and that they will formulate the Energy Act that should give their Ministry the direction it should take with regards to energy.

Korihihona said once cabinet endorsed the framework, their Division can easily review it as the document will become a government property.

He said the review they are conducting looks into areas including governance of the energy sector, electric power, urban, rural and retail supply and distribution of energy, energy efficiency, financing of programs and projects, environment, renewable energy etc.

Korihihona said the overall goal of the policy they are reviewing is to help people access sustainable and affordable fuel.

Even with that, he said getting people to access sustainable and affordable fuel will continue to be a challenge as the country depends on fuel from outside, the population continues to grow and people have low income.

But, he said they want to make sure all aspects of the energy sector are captured in the framework.

Korihihona added this will help people, even those in rural areas, to participate in economic activities and health facilities and learning institutions operating.

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