MJLA budget eyes provincial development


Hon Derrick Manuari.

THE one-million budget allocated for the Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs was for provincial development, it is confirmed.

This was according to the responsible minister Derrick Manuari, who is also the Member of Parliament for West Makira.

He said the amount of money allocated for the MJLA, total of $1million, will be able to accomplish infrastructure works across two provinces, Temotu and Makira.

“The sum of $800,000 SBD out of the $1million SBD will be used for surveying of land, transferring of title to the government to clear site and to erect fence at Lata which was already acquired by the ministry to construct an office building for the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) and the Public Solicitors office,” said Mr Manuari.

He add that the amount of $200,000 will then be used for acquisition processes on the land at Kirakira in Makira province that will soon be identified.

In an interview with this paper, he revealed that work will start as soon as the budget commences its implementation.

“And that is towards the end of this month or early next month,” the explained.

He however added that commencement of work will also depend very much on the ministry’s submission to the Ministry of Development Planning and Aid Coordination (MDPAC).

“And how soon they are going to avail our funds through that process in liaison with Finance,” Manuari added.

On the same note the Member of Parliament for Auki Langalanga Mathew wale congratulated Manu’ari for what he described as a positive initiative to be rolled out this year in terms of provincial development under the ministry’s development programmes.

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