Missing fishermen rescued



FOUR local fishermen who went missing on Thursday last week were rescued on Saturday in Western Province.

The missing men were found around lunchtime adrift between Simbo and Ranongga islands by a Mr Pita Fay, who towed them back to Titiana village, Gizo island.

Fay told Island Sun Gizo yesterday that the four men, from Titiana village, had gone fishing on Thursday and were expected to return on Friday.

When they failed to return, he set out on a solo search and rescue mission.

And, after a luckless Friday, he finally found them on Saturday.

“I’m doing my own to search and rescue the 4 missing person with my own GPS to locate the fishermen.

“This is not an easy task and very risk job to search for the missing person with no help present for me during that day with any single responsible authorities.

“I’m approach the two boats as they are still struggling in the waves about three miles offshore and rescue about 10am on Saturday and we arrive about 1pm at Titiana village,” he said.

He said they had raised the matter with Gizo police on Friday but they had not responded quickly enough.

He adds that he had used 140 litres of fuel in the search.

The fishermen are safe and are recovering in Titiana village.

Fay urges the police officers to quickly respond in any emergency when requested.

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