Miss Solomon ready

Ms Corina Dettke competiting durint eh 10th National Body Building Championship in Honiara last month.
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Local Body builders leave Monday

By Taromane Martin

Ms Corina Dettke competiting durint eh 10th National Body Building Championship in Honiara last month.

SOLOMON Islands Body Building Federation (SIBBF) first ever Miss Solomon, 24 year old Corina Dettke says she is happy, excited and honored to represent the country at the 24th South Pacific Body Building Championship in Suva.

Ms Dettke will join 14 other local male body builders to compete against other regional body builders for the SPBBC in Suva which starts October 26-28 this month.

The 24 year old who was crowned the first ever SIBBF Miss Solomon during the 10th national body building championship at the Multipurpose Hall last month said training for the regional championship as a figure competitor has been intense after competing as a bikini and fitness competitor early this year.

Despite the challenges faced she said she is happy doing what she loves and will concentrate on staying focused until they leave next week.

“Training has been very intense because the girls I will be competing against in Fiji have been in the sport and training for some years now,” she told SunSPORTS yesterday at the SweatBox gym.

“I train two to three times a day. My work outs usually takes five hours, this involves posing, learning the quarter turns and walking.

“I’ve only been competing for a month. My first competition was only three weeks ago. I took part in a bikini category in Australia then fitness at the national championships last month but for Fiji I have to go under the figure category which requires more muscle and physique.

“This requires me to have more muscle, build my strength and learn all the posing, walking and the quarter turn moves.

“It’s challenging as everything is different from the bikini and fitness competitions I did the past month. I had to learn all of this in a matter of three weeks so that was a lot of pressure on me.

“But it is a good challenge; I enjoy it that is why I’m doing this. Every day I’m learning new things such as about dieting, what to eat and not to eat, how to gain muscle, strength and overall just how to stay positive every day.

“I have to be happy every day, which I am. I love doing this because I know I’m doing it for a purpose. If there wasn’t any purpose then I wouldn’t be willing to put my heart and soul into this,” she adds.

She said she looks forward to meeting the other body builders during the championship and hopes other girls can also take up the sport in the near future.

“I’m looking forward for the championship, to meeting the other competitors, learn from their experiences and gain inspirations from them which I hope the boys are also looking forward to.

“I just need to stay positive, maintain have good people around me supporting me every day because this is not an easy sport where you can just come and do it. Every day you have to be prepared both mentally and physically for it.

“For the future yes I look forward to competing again next year at the next national championship because it be good to show other girls that girls can also be in the sport of body building.

“I hope to see some girls taking up the sport in the near future as well. Give it a try, if you don’t like it then it’s not for you. At the end of the day there is always a sport for everyone,” she said.

Meanwhile, SIBBF athletes for the 24th South Pacific Body Building Championship in Suva will leave the country on October 22, President Pius Mamae confirmed.