Miss Samlimsan donates to Christian Care Centre

    The Christian Care Centre on Thursday received charity donation from Miss Samlimsan, Ms Mowisha Angiki, a contestant in this year’s Miss Solomon Islands Pageant.jpg
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    THE Christian Care Centre (CCC) yesterday received donations from the Miss Samlimsan, Ms Mowisha Angiki, who is this year’s Miss Solomon Islands Pageant contestant-1.

    Cash of $15,000 plus goods at $700-worth including buckets, washing powders and soaps were handed over to elated staff of the Centre.

    The donations are result of a week of fundraising by Miss Samlimsan and her team towards the charitable cause of helping the Centre.

    Speaking during the handover, team leader Ms Hellen Raynah said Miss Samlimsan and the team are honoured to be able to help the Centre.

    Miss Samlimsan with the hard working staff of the Christian Care Centre

    “We are honoured to have this opportunity to be able to give towards the worthy cause of the Christian Care Centre. It is one of the highlights of the Miss Solomon Islands Pageant platform which we admire and here we are partaking in it. It is truly an honour.”

    Raynah explains that her committee had been given options to choose from and they chose the Christian Care Centre.

    “Basically because we are awed by the proactive work being done here for women, girls and children who are victims of domestic and gender violence.”

    Miss Samlimsan adds that although the donation might be small compared to what the Centre may be used to in terms of assistance, the donations are being given with all their hearts.

    Receiving the gifts were Sr Phyllis and Volunteer Annie Kekea, both elated – describing the donations as timely.

    Kekea says, “This is in line with our needs for at the moment we are running a little short on buckets. Due to much use, wear and tear, we have lost a few of our old washing buckets and were planning to get new ones.”

    Sr Phyllis, on behalf of the Centre, thanks Miss Samlimsan and her committee for choosing the Centre.

    “It is truly a blessed surprise and we are very grateful that you chose the Centre to help in your charity obligations.”

    “These donations will go a long way in helping us in our work. Thank you very much.”

    Yesterday’s handover sums up Miss Samlimsan’s week of raising funds for charity.

    It is understood that charity is not included in this year’s MSIP criteria, however this has not deterred Ms Angiki and her team from jumping on the chance to fulfil one obligation which they deem an integral part of the platform.

    She shares with Island Sun, “We were made aware by organisers that charity is not in this year’s category. Nevertheless, we believe that charity is one of the essence of the Miss Solomon Islands Pageant, which had been recognised and practised in previous pageants.

    “So we decided to go ahead and make use of the opportunity while joining the MSIP 2017 to do charity. And here we are. It is such a fulfilling moment. We’re all emotional, excited and honoured to be able to help the sisters and volunteers and the victims at the Centre.”

    The MSIP 2017 Speech segment begins at 10am today at the national Museum auditorium, with the float parade to commence at 3pm from the SINU School of Tourism to the Art Gallery.