Ministry asked to help Malaita tackle logging problem

    Logging impacts in Solomon Islands IMAGE story.
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    THE Ministry of Forest and Research has been asked to work together with the Malaita provincial government to address issues in the growing logging industry in the province.

    The call follows worrying observations that logging companies head straight into operations in the province without paying the provincial business fee.

    Revenue Officer under Malaita Provincial Government (MPG) who responsible for logging licence fees, Mr Eddro Misite’e made the statement saying this undermines the provincial government.

    He said in Malaita province logging companies, upon receiving permits from the national ministry of forestry, go straight into operations and do not bother to pay the provincial business licence fee.

    He said sometimes they fail to consult the Malaita province government to pay their business or licence fees before embarking on the business in the province.

    Misite’e said they experienced that some logging companies turned up to pay their business fees when they are doing their felling or even shipment of logs.

    He said this is non-compliance to MPG ordinance as all businesses to operate in the province must pay their fees first before operating.

    Misite’e said this is an area of concern and MFR must work together with MPG on it to ensure this area to be ironed.

    He said MPG respect all investors wish to engage in business in the province, hence they must also respect the province as well.

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