Minister criticised for unruly behaviour  


A Minister of the Crown has been criticised for allegedly abusing security guards over parking space at the Anthony Saru complex.

In a ‘Letter to the Editor’ article, an El-ten Jama says on Monday morning, the Minister of National Unity Reconciliation and Peace (MNURP) angrily accused the security guards for not doing their job in making sure his allocated car park space was not taken up by any other persons.

The Minister was said to be angry because his parking space was taken up by another vehicle.

Jama says what interests him the most is the way the Minister of the Crown approached the guards and pointed them in the face and told them off for not doing their job. He kept repeating that he is the Minister and that the guards should look after his interest first.

“Me nao Minister ino you fala, iu fala saveh tu? [I am the Minister, don’t you know that?]” Jama reported in his article.

He said on his way out, the Minister threw down the parking notice that bears the notice ‘Reserved for Minister’. This was after repeated comments about him being the Minister.

He questions if such attitude qualifies the said Minister to lead under the Motto, ‘To lead is to Serve’.

Upon receiving the article, Island Sun made queries to the relevant Ministry with the hope to get comments from the Minister.

However since this incident is in isolation of the Ministry, Island Sun was not able to get comments from the Minister. But an email from MNURP says the Ministry will call on the Management of the Security firm and apologise for the Minister’s action.

It was reported by Jama that this is the second time the same Minister had an argument of this nature.

The said Minister is responsible to look after the government’s focal Ministry for advising, facilitating and coordinating policies with regards to Peace, Reconciliation and also longer term peace building in the country.

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