Milestone for SIFF

Federation to host OFC B-Licence for coaches

By Taromane Martin

Solomon Islands Football Federation (SIFF) is set to reach another milestone next month when they host the first ever OFC B-Licence course for coaches.

SIFF Technical Director Felipe Vega Arongo said it is important the country has good and qualified coaches because it will also improve the level of soccer here.

“On October 6, SIFF will be hosting an OFC senior B-licence for coaches in the country. This will be the first time to host the course here which is wonderful for the development of the game,” Mr Arongo said.

“Currently only Patrick Miniti and Moses Toata has obtained their coaching B-licence while Eddie Marahare and Marlon Houkarawa are still in process of getting theirs.

“We have 20 local coaches with the C-Licence at the moment but if we could have all or 19 coaches obtaining B-Licence by next year it will be fantastic for the development of the game here.

“Having qualified coaches will mean the improvement to the standard and level of the game here because at the moment the level of football here is very poor,” he stressed.

The Technical Director adds that with FIFA allocating OFC 1.5 slot for the World Cup as of the 2026 edition, the goal now is to start working and preparing for it.

SIFF’s plan is to have more coaches, instructors, referees with licence. The programme deadline is 2026 because OFC will get one and a half slot for the World Cup and like other regional football bodies will be aiming for it.

“By 2018 all the high schools coaches, Solomon Cup coaches, futsal coaches including the S-league club coaches must all have the B-Licence because this is the only way to develop and improve the game,” Arongo said.

“All the football clubs will also need to register their licence with OFC like in other parts of the world so they can know how many players, how many officials they have and so on,” he said.

The senior OFC B-Licence coach will start on October 6 with the second part of the course set for January 2018.

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