Mile six farm under discussion by Western provincial government

Provincial Member for Nusa Roviana and ward 16, Ramrakha Talasasa
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PROVINCIAL Member for Dunde/Nusa Roviana, Ramrakha Aquila Jnr Talasasa has questioned the Provincial Government on the Mile Six farm in West Gizo.

Talasasa questions why the Provincial Government haven’t set its focus in upgrading the Mile Six.

Talasasa said he is concerned about the deteriorating state of the Mile Six Farm because it has the potential to benefit the province and local farmers economically.

“This provincial government owns Mile Six farm. It now looks like a family owned subsistence farm rather than an investment opportunity for agriculture investment. We are fortunate to have access to qualified personals”, Talasasa said.

He said, priorities needs to be set so that they can be able to carry out their work in an efficient manner.

In respond, Premier Gina said the provincial government is looking at ways to improve Mile Six farm.

He said this is to assist local farmers. Gina said they also rely on national government to give them support thus the farm will assist the province in some areas.

Gina said Western Provincial Government is trying to focus on farmers to give them the right information and help, through the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAL).