MID commends North Malaita MP


MID Permanent Secretary, Mr Stephen Maesiola (left) thanks Hon Jimmy Lusibaea as they shake hands in front of the returned vehicle

MINISTRY of Infrastructure Development’s (MID) Permanent Secretary, Mr Stephen Maesiola commends North Malaita’s Member of Parliament, Jimmy Lusibaea for leading by example, being the only MP so far, to have positively replied to the ministry’s call for the retrieval of government vehicles.

Speaking to Island Sun yesterday, he explained that in early May he issued a letter to former ministerial MPs requesting that they return government vehicles.

The response however was unsatisfactory as Mr Lusibaea stood out as the only MP to positively respond to the call which spanned on a two-week period.

The permanent secretary mentioned that Lusibaea even delivered the vehicle himself.

Maesiola referred to his response as that of a true leader who is understanding and transparent.

“He is a true leader and it is not the first time for him to respond to such a call. As permanent secretary for MID, I am very happy with him,” he said.

Maesiola said that while the government vehicles are in dire need of maintenance work, government ministries on the other hand also need vehicles to operate hence the issue of the letter.

He furthers that Lusibaea’s example is a reminder to former ministers or members of the crown and the general public who are still holding onto government vehicles without any proper arrangements to return them to the ministry.

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