MHMS officers learn contract management

A total of 26 officers from the Ministry of Health (MHMS) and other organisations recently received training in contract management.

“Contract management is the process to successfully execute a contract according to the specifications and to the mutual benefit of the parties involved,” a statement from the Ministry said.

Put simply, “a contract is a legal agreement between two or more parties with one party providing goods, works or services or a combination thereof, in return for the other party providing something, usually money. Contracts contain the details of the goods, works or services to be provided and also the responsibilities and obligations of the parties involved”.

While most contracts are managed effectively and without issue, some do run into problems resulting in the products not being provided to satisfaction, also with often financial consequences to the parties involved. Good contract management minimises the risks.

A robust procurement process is crucial to the execution of the eventual contract: accurate specification, sound tender process, full tender evaluation and life cycle costs all influence the contract and the end result.

“MHMS has recognised the importance of good contract management and administration for all of its departments including the National Referral Hospital, its health facilities both at headquarters and in the provinces and RWASH.

“Recognising the importance of contract management, the Ministry requested support from MOFT and its Advisers to deliver this course.”

Officers from ICTSU, DFAT and SIRF also participated in the training.

The course was developed by a technical working group including Timothy Watekary, Manager Procurement – Technical MOFT with the support of several colleagues and advisers including those from the EU funded RWASH programme.

This training course follows an earlier course in which 17 government officers were trained.

All procurement and contract management training is oversighted by the SI Procurement Training Working Group which consists of procurement professionals from government with representatives of IPAM, SICC&I and donors.

The training was very well received and covered contract requirements, contract planning, commencing, managing and completing contracts.

Specific emphasis was placed on managing contract performance, receipt and testing of deliverables and managing final inspections.

The course will be again run in 2018, coordinated by IPAM.


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