MHMS documentation management was inconsistent: OAG Report


AUDIT report of the Office of the Auditor General has found that the Ministry of Health and Medical Services documentation management was inconsistent with covid-19 funds between April and December, 2020.

“Documentation management was inconsistent with some documents not able to be found, signatures of authorising officers varying from document to document and handwritten changes to documents after signature,” the OAG report states.

Office of the Auditor General says where significant errors are made in documentation MHMS should ensure that documentation should is recreated and reauthorised rather than being changed by hand and copies of all key documents which support payments are maintained in the Ministry.

“MMHS should ensure that key signatures have been verified before documentation is sent to Ministry of Finance and Treasury (MoFT) for payment,” OAG report says.

In response the Ministry of Health said management had agreed to the recommendations and had proposed to do the following:

“· The MHMS will comply by taking a sample of all key signatures of the accountable officers in the ministry.

· The ministry will through the offices of the HODs, Accounts and Procurement, will address this. Where major errors are noted, the request will be cancelled and instruction will be given to recreate and re submit proposal.

· The ministry through workshops and conferences and supervisory tours and on a one to one basis with officers will remind officers of this recommendation,” Ministry of Health said.

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