MFMR Conducts Awareness on Fisheries Regulations

Fisheries Officer Priscilla Pitakaka explaining the fisheries regulations during one of their visits to the famous cooking star restaurant at Rove
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THE Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources (MFMR), Inshore Fisheries Division team have successfully completed a two-weeks awareness on the Fisheries Management (Prohibited activities) Regulations 2018 in Honiara.

The team conducted an awareness program at the Honiara Central Market, followed by distribution of regulation flyers to restaurants, hotels, shops and fish markets outlets from Henderson area in the east to White River in the west of the city.

The Fisheries Regulations sets out prohibited activities for targeted marine products which include certain finfish, shells, crustaceans, mammals, reptiles and fishing gears.

The species in the regulations are regulated because of their dwindling stock status in the wild due to unsustainable harvesting for subsistence and commercial use. Restrictions are placed on certain activities and also size for harvesting, selling and buying.

The awareness aims to educate fish vendors, restaurants, hotels and fish shops who normally buy and sell marine animals and fishing equipment.   Enforcement of the Fisheries Regulations is expected to happen after the awareness program.