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No locals in fish ministry’s beche-de-mer exporters list, plus one de-registered company


ASIAN businesses have choked out all local companies vying to be one of the four beche-de-mer export licence-holders for this open season.

The ministry of fisheries (MFMR) yesterday released its official list of the four permit holders for beche-de-mer export – and they are all Asian.

MFMR explained that out of 19 applicants, indigenous Solomon Islanders who applied were unable to meet the requirements, and the four successful ones were selected on the basis of criteria approved by Cabinet.

“These criteria were already published in Solomon Star in the recent past and those that did not meet the criteria were rejected,” the MFMR statement says.

The statement says that ministry of fisheries gave equal treatment to all the applicants, both local and foreign.

Commenting to the media early this month, ministry of fisheries claimed that most local businesses were unable to meet the requirement and the licence fee worth SBD200,000.

Details of the four companies according to online Company Haus registry are as follows:

(1) Solomon FVC New Processes Import & Export Limited is a private company owned by a Mr Frank Sheng Song CI, registered on November 14, 2013 and incorporated on the same date (Nov 14, 2013). There is no record of Mr Frank’s nationality.

However, the company was de-registered on September 1, 2015 due to failure to submit its annual returns. There are no records of it being re-registered thereafter.

The company has one Director with 100 shareholders, and its main business sector is fisheries.

(2) RK Marine Products Limited is a private company registered on June 24, 2013 and incorporated on the same date (June 24, 2013) operating under the fisheries sector.

This company has one director, Mr Pan XIAOBO – a Chinese national, with 10,000 shares.

Its last annual return was filed on August 9, 2017.

(3) Oceanic International Limited was first incorporated on January 26, 2007 as private, but was then re-registered on June 28, 2011 under a Mr Matthew Sauseru. It has one director, Mr Qiang XU – a Chinese national, and with a total of 100,000 shareholders.

Other shareholders are Qiang XU, Bao Gui MEI and Zhuming HUANG – all Chinese nationals.

Its main business sector is fisheries, and its last annual return was filed on May 21, 2017.

(4) Chen Zhen Company Limited – a private company first registered on August 27, 2010 and incorporated the same day under Mr Peter ZHANG – a Chinese national who is also the sole director of the company.

The company has 100 shares from three Chinese nationals – Mr Liang JUNXIONG, Mr Chen GUAN and Ms Chen MALING.

Main Business Sector – Other, and last annual return filed on August 28, 2017.

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