MERHD demands Scholarship control


MINISTER of Education and Human Resource Development (MEHRD) Hon John D Kuku has appealed to Members of Parliament to allow his Ministry manage scholarships for 2018.

The Minister said this after noting some comments by the Leader of the Opposition and MP for East Malaita, Leader of the Independent group and MP for North East Guadalcanal regarding the management of scholarships in 2017.

“High Achievers Scholarships have minor challenges unlike the Constituency Scholarship Awards,” said the Minister.

“We all learned the lessons of 2017 and it is not our interest to go that pathway again. On this note, I appeal to 49 MP’s to allow my Ministry to manage the scholarships for 2018.

“You will be informed in good time when your support is needed.

Meanwhile, the Minister has also used his contributions during last Friday’s Sine Die Motion to inform Parliament that the Education Bill is at its final stage.

The Minister said that there are a few minor issues that needs address so that the Bill creates a pathway for education to the future and not legitimizing the current practices of how things are done.

“The role of Education Authorities is one example. The need to have our student’s right to Form 5 requires more senior secondary schools. This will be costly but we had done it twice in the past. Considering another Education loan is an option that must be considered and considered soon,” said the Minister.

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