Men fined for consuming alcohol in public

THE Honiara Central Magistrates Court has fined three men $500 each or in default 20 days imprisonment after being arrested and charged by police officers at the Honiara Central Police station on April 14, 2018 for allegedly consuming alcohol in a public place at Honiara Central Market.

The men were seen by police officers consuming what appeared to be mixed kwaso and soft drink in public.

Provincial Police Commander (PPC) Honiara City Chief Superintendent Alfred Uiga says, “It is a crime to consume alcohol in public.

“There are certain public places which the public is allowed to consume alcohol including licensed clubs, hotel bars and any facility with a licence to buy and consume alcohol.

“The message to public is clear, go to the right place or area and consume your alcohol and you will not be arrested.

“I appeal to the good residents of Honiara and visitors into the city to help your police by reporting any alleged crime of similar nature to police.”

Honiara police can be contacted on phone numbers: 22999 (Honiara Central Police Station), 22044 (Market Police), 28999 (China Town Police), 22791/21363 (White River Police) and 39647 or 999 Toll free line (Police Communication Centre).


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