Men escape death in accident



The accident involving three vehicles on Tuesday this week in front of Auki Motel.

THREE men were lucky to escape death in an accident in Auki on Tuesday this week.

PPC supervising, Inspector Fredrick Pado told this paper that the accident involved a three-tonne truck, a car and a RAV4.

He said the car and the three-tonne truck were both traveling at high speed in the northerly direction from the town.

“The car was in front of the truck and when both were opposite of Auki Motel, the car abruptly slow-down and made a turning signal to turn onto Auki Motel junction on their right.

“With that late signal the truck was also late to slow down and took off the left rear of the car.

“In an attempt to avoid further collision with the car, the truck swung to its left and took an electrical post standing nearby,” Mr Pado said.

He said when the truck took the back of the car, it altered the car from the road and crashed its front with the left front of the RAV4 coming down from Auki Motel junction.

Pado reported that the truck and the RAV4 only had minor damages on them; the car received most damage.

He said police responded to the accident, during which they served the drivers with Police Form 66 for them to produce their driving licences, vehicle licences and third party insurance within three days.

Adding that they also served them with Notice of Intend Prosecution for 14 days where they will look at offences committed and liable for charge.

He said a vehicle inspector from Works also did inspection on the truck and report will be handed to them to help in their investigation.

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