Men and women gender equality issue shows impact in Malaita



Malaita provincial desk officer Ms Clera Rikimani.

GENDER equality is reportedly gaining momentum in Malaita province.

Ms Clera Rikimani the Malaita provincial women’s desk officer said yesterday. “As someone headed the gender equality issue in malaita province, I notice that this issue regarding gender equality is changing.

“Some areas that men can participate in are gradually moving down and more women are coming up through participating in some areas instead of men.

“Because of the challenges we currently faced it started to pave way for women moving in some areas where only men have dominion over it in the past especially in leadership and other areas.

“Today people started to see women are capable and important in participating in any other important activities and issues in our societies today.”

Rikimani added for Malaita province itself only men have most chances to participate in leadership and other areas according to their culture.

“To be honest gender equality started to come in where changes have already took place where some how people have been benefited from those changes.”

Rikimani also stated that “one of the areas concerning donor’s perspective is that we notice that donor’s criteria focusses mainly on women’s issues and while we continue to go against the current we will certainly hit on the way.

“The only way we could go through is to follow what is already in place.

“In our situation it is not to compete but it is the time to compliment with each other especially for both genders.

“The way how we framed is men looked at bigger things but women focuses on smaller things, but in order for those bigger things to complete it depends entirely on those smaller things that women think about where it will certainly reach out to those bigger things.

“The understanding why women and men should work together started to come in especially in Malaita province.

“In any organisation or a community where women and men work have worked together you will see that changes have taken place and their plans and activities are moving compared to other communities that focus on one gender for their plans and activities.

“We are equal, where both men and woman the gender equality should work together to it balance, sustainable, socio-economic foundation for the present and future generation of Malaita province.”

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