Members of M4D stand by president

President of M4D, Mr Knoxly Atu. (1)
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MEMBERS of Malaita For Democracy (M4D) say they support statements recently made by their president Knoxly Atu on his stand on certain issues affecting Malaita.

M4D rep George Ramo said they stand with their president and would be happy to see if Atu is arrested for his patriotic fight for his province.

Ramo said what Atu is facing now is not new in Malaita.

“Similar incidents happened during Maasina Ruru era when leaders were arrested and imprisoned for standing up for their people, resources, culture and island,” Ramo claimed.

“I want to assure the national government that our fight to speak-up on issues affecting Malaita province will not stop and will carry-on by the younger generation,” he added.

“Our fight is the fight for the good of our children, province and Solomon Islands like what leaders of Maasina Ruru had done in their fight for sovereignty now we are enjoying.

“Even then, we still see things not happening the way we should be and we won’t just sit-down and watch.

“With that spirit of patriotism in us, we will keep fighting even if there is opposition or pressure from whosoever that might have intention to dismantle us.”

Ramo said even if Knoxly Atu is arrest and imprisoned; there are many Knoxlys waiting in the wings to take his place.

“The day Knoxly is arrested, a new Knoxly will step up to lead the group.”

Ramo said M4D is a provincial civil society organization group that will continue to stand with their president in a collective fight for the good of Malaita province.

The national government last December declared M4D an illegal society.

It took the action after police investigation allegedly found a number of M4D members played leading roles in organizing last November’s rioting and looting in Honiara.