FORMER U-20 and Langley Wanderers frontman Ali Mekawir made his TSL introduction in style, with a debut goal for Honiara City against leaders Henderson Eels during a 1-1 draw yesterday.

The Royals Academy player netted in the 53 rd minute after a Desmond Tutu rebound saves for Mekawir to lift the ball into an open net.

“I’m happy with my performance today and a goal is a bonus,” Mekawir said in a post-match interview.

“I aimed for two goals today (yesterday) but I missed, it’s my first time in the TSL and to playback in the heat at Lawson Tama.
He was a threat in front of the experience Eels defence, with the pressure he posed.

“I’m good blending in with the players, the first game I begin to understand the boys hope for more games to come and we will do better,” he says.

With his experience playing with the English FA 9th tier team the standard is different compared.

“How I think the level there is a bit beyond how we play here, but it depends when in the game. I learned a lot of experience in England, comparing myself to how I use to play before I made improvements,” the former U20 striker said.

“My experience developed in the game. But we players still learn and there is a lot to cover.

He adds that with his experience and exposure especially playing in the United Kingdom he looks forward to sharing developing others.

“It’s working hard if you want something, having a dream you have to work for it.

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