MEHRD commits to equal access to education for both female and male students

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IN its annual 2017 report, the education ministry shares three change pathways of how they think education improvement will happen amidst its current National Educational Action Plan (NEAP) 2016-2020 timeframe.

Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development (MEHRD) explains that these pathways is also what they refer to as their “Theory of Change” (ToC) which provides the basis for planning, monitoring, evaluation and reporting by clearly describing expected results of what and how the ministry contributed to the results more on, what they will measure and report.

Under the theory of Change (ToC), MEHRD’s three change pathways are; Increased Access to Education, Improved Quality of Education and Improved Management of Education.

MEHRD expressed that it maintains a strong commitment to all female and male students having a safe and equitable access to complete their education irrespective of social, economic or other status.

In addition, as stated, the ministry implements a range of activities to understand what stops children commencing, continuing and completing their education.

“Understanding the ‘blockers’ to access creates an opportunity for evidence based decision-making regarding future access related strategies,” said MEHRD.

To top that off, the ministry mentioned that it will also focus on the implementation of infrastructure activities and reframing pre-primary years into early childhood education as it believes that this will contribute to children’s completion of basic education (inclusive of PPY) and an increased number of children completing 13 years of education.

In the case of “Improved Quality of Education”, MEHRD states that this is a priority area during the first phase of NEAP.

“Developing and implementing a new curriculum, reshaping the approach to student assessment and realigning teaching strategies to focus on the child will form the basis for achieving improvements,” said MEHRD.

As for the third pathway, “Improved Management of Education”, it is reported that the education ministry engages in a collaborative process with education partners to improve education management at the school, education authorities and national level (MEHRD).

MEHRD emphasised that improvements in education management are inter-connected between the three levels of education management to which sound education management provides the foundation for increasing access to and improving the quality of education.

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