MEHRD achieves government’s priorities


MINISTRY of Education and Human Resource Development has achieved government priorities and education reformed initiatives embedded in the National Education Action Plan 2016—2020, it is reported.

From the MEHRD’s annual report 2017, it stated that the Ministry has successfully delivered key government priorities and reform initiatives which were embedded in the NEAP 2016—2020.

According to the MEHRD, it said the achievements last year are shaped around three long term education outcomes.

The outcomes are; now girls and boy have safe and equitable access to complete education irrespective of social, economic and other status.

Girls and boys receive quality education with relevant outcomes, and management system and practices are embedded and sustained at school.

“These high-level outcomes are supported by a comprehensive set of performance measures and indictors across all MEHRD activities set out in the MEHRD Results Framework,” Ministry said.

However, Ministry adds its challenges are there is imbalance expenditure between education sectors in Solomon Islands.

In tertiary level, $425 Million spend for 2,756 students while ECE, Primary and Secondary budget is $224 million cater for 216, 137 students in the country which described imbalance share.

Besides that, Ministry also adds that teachers and students did not have enough learning resources.

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