Meeting our security challenges – national security workshop

By Ezekiel Talatau

Group photo taken duriing the national security policy

THE Solomon Islands government, police, stakeholders and private sector held consultations on the country’s proposed national security policy yesterday.

Themed “Meeting Our Security Challenges”, the workshop aims to gauge views regarding setting up a national security policy for the country.

Police commissioner Mr Mathew Varley clarifies that national security concerns every Solomon Islander, not just the police, hence requires the whole country to address challenges.

“2017 is the historical landmark for RAMSI. Law and order was restored, but the country’s security is another thing the country needs to address,” he said.

To date, Solomon Islands’ security challenges are the results of poverty, urban drift, corruption, high unemployment rate and a weak regulatory system.

“The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) are working on a strategic direction for this year to 2020 in tackling crime as part of the country’s security measures.”

Director of National Security Division Mr David Diosi elaborated that ‘national security changes as technology is changing’.

“Solomon Islands resources are limited, we still rely on donors. Now, it’s time for us to work together in partners to develop national security to strengthen our border.”

Secretary of Border Security Management, John Wasi, added that Solomon Islands needs to ‘carry out a foundation on how we can implement a strong border boundary, including ports and airport’.

“Immigration should start preparing for an upcoming issue of the country, the government sectors and the police in partnership to tackle any issue on security.”

The workshop was held at the Kitano Mendana Hotel.

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