Meet the 33 elected MPAs for Malaita Provincial Assembly

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AFTER a successful provincial election for Malaita province, 33 new MPAs were elected to lead Malaita Provincial Government in the next four years.

Results of winning candidates unfolded since Thursday last week as counting for the provincial election proceeded and here are the 33 elect MPA for Malaita province.

Aoke Langa Langa constituency has two wards, and ward one (1) won by Hon Timius Waledala and Hon Randol Sifoni retained his seat for ward 30.

Two wards under Baegu/Asifoloa constituency, ward 11 won by Hon Elijah Asilaua and ward 13 won by Hon Danny Manasiau.

Another two wards for Central Kwara’ae constituency, ward two (2) won by Hon Benjiman Baetalua and ward 29 won by Hon Felix Bosokuru.

For East Are Are constituency, Hon Jimmy Rerehe retained his seat for ward 20 and a new comer Hon Meshack Maukera for ward 19.

For two wards under East Kwaio, Hon Alick Butala retained his ward 18 seat and a new comer, Hon Nelson Lenty for ward 17.

Two new comers for two wards under East Malaita constituency, Hon Eddie Misite’e won ward 15 seat and Hon Preston Billy won ward 16 seat.

Fataleka constituency also had two new winning candidates, Hon Daniel Suidani for ward five (5) and Hon David Solo Baerara won ward 14 seat.

Three new comers for three wards under Lau/Mbaelelea constituency, Hon David Osuria for ward six (6), Hon Jimmy Daoni for ward 10 and Hon George Lomo for ward 12.

For three wards under Malaita Outer Islands constituency, two new comers Hon John Kehosi for 31 and Hon William Inoga for ward 32 while Hon Ezekiel Teusa retained his seat for ward 33.

For North Malaita constituency, new comer Hon Michael Selega won ward seven seat, Hon Glen Waneta retained his seat for ward eight and another new comer Hon Eric Daoni Dauafa for ward nine (9) seat.

Small Malaita constituency has three wards, new comer Hon Dickson Pola for ward 21, another new comer Hon Martin Mae for ward 22 and Hon Francis Wateliu retained his seat for ward 23.

For West Are Are constituency, new comer Hon Peter Clay Taraumae won ward 24 seat and Hon Joe Hero’au reclaimed his seat for ward 25.

For three wards under West Kwaio constituency, three new comers Hon Alick Junior OfoOfo won ward 26 seat, Hon Simon Ke’ebo for ward 27 and Hon Claudio Te’efii for ward 28 seat.

And for West Kwara’ae constituency, Hon Martin Fini Gaote’e retained his seat for ward three (3) and the new comer who was the youngest MPA, Hon Iven Tonafalea for ward four (4).

These are the new elected 33 MPAs who will serve Malaita Provincial Assembly for the next four years.