MEDI is not taking over MPG: Fini


PREMIER of Malaita Martin Fini says the Malaita Economic Development Initiative (MEDI) is not taking over MPG but providing support to his government.

He made the clarification during his keynote address yesterday, responding to critics in social media claiming that MPG has been delegated its roles and functions by MEDI, a cabinet established subcommittee.

“I would like to clarify to the people of Malaita that the roles and functions of MPG will not be taken over, replaced or even duplicated.

“Although the critics were implying that my MNGFR is currently engaged in negotiating some forms of devolution of powers to MEDI under section 29 and 30 of the PG Action 1997.

“Let me assure you that this is not happening and will not happen,” Fini said.

He explained that MPG engaged the technical expertise of MEDI to support the capacity of his government on its redirection policy to deliver within the 11th hour.

Saying this is especially on areas of negotiating, settlement and discharging of key fundamental interventions under section 29 and 30 of Provincial Government Act (PGA) 1997.

He adds, other areas include legal advice, commerce, strategic planning and policy development, project appraisal and development to support the normal functions and responsibilities of MPG and partners.

He said these are the expertise and support MNGFR gets through MEDI.

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