MECDM, MFMR and RSIPF to deal with crocodile issues in the country



THE Ministry of Fishery, RSIPF and Environment Division under the MECDM are looking at formalising a management plan on the safety of people with crocodile issues in the country.

The proposal is well underway and schedule to discuss in an inception workshop to hold next month in Honiara.

Staff from World Fish Office in Auki, Mr Jan Van Der Ploeg says the workshop is purposely to look at ways to address related crocodile issues in the country.

He said yesterday it came to notice that good number of crocodile attack has so far been recorded in the country.

Ploeg said pertaining to that nobody knows what causes those attacks and the safety people should mindful of with crocodiles.

“So the problem of crocodile attack still becomes an issue in the country, and in recognising it the government came with this initiative,” he said.

“After the workshop, we looking forward as the work will unfold to go out to collect data on crocodile attacks on humans or related crocodile issues in the provinces,” he said.

Ploeg said the purpose of that is to identify the issues and work together with community to identify possible means to solve the issue.

He said the project will also cover areas like awareness to communities on their safety from crocodiles.

Ploeg said the initiative will also help RSIPF in their programs to crack down on crocodile, and they will become major partner in the whole program.

He said World Fish Solomon Islands will partner with MECDM, MFRM and RSIPF to support the development of the management plan.

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