Measles, Rubella vaccination underway in Malaita province

Measles vaccine
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MALAITA provincial health has entered its second week of Measles and Rubella vaccination and awareness campaign.

Director of Malaita provincial health, Dr Rex Maukera told this paper yesterday the campaign is to catch-up with children who did not take their measles and rubella vaccines the last two years, as health focus was on covid-19.

Maukera said the campaign started last week and teams from the provincial health are visiting clinics and communities.

He called on parents whose child/children are yet to get the vaccines to help them when the teams come to their communities.

Coordinator of Expanded Program on Immunization at Kilu’ufi hospital, Mr Rockson Siliota who heads the campaign also stressed the importance of the campaign in a recent interview.

He said the campaign was a catch-up for children who are yet to take their measles and rubella vaccines as well as vaccines like polio and others.

Siliota said this is also to prepare eligible population to counter measles and rubella outbreaks that had been reported in other parts of the region.

He said measles and rubella vaccine usually facilitated for children when they are 12 months, first doze and second doze when they are 18 months.

Siliota said children who are within that range or above and yet to get their vaccines must help by their parents to get their vaccines and protected from the measles and rubella virus.