MCILI and MAL to replant coconuts

MCILI PS Mr Riley Mesepitu and MAL PS Mr Jimmi Saelea posed for a photo session after the Pacific Coconut workshop on Monday
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MCILI PS Mr Riley Mesepitu and MAL PS Mr Jimmi Saelea posed for a photo session after the Pacific Coconut workshop on Monday

MINISTRY of Commerce and Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock are planning to set priority on coconut re-planting in Solomon Islands with local farmers.

In a presentation conducted about high demand of coconut production globally, it motivates the Ministry of Commerce, Industries, Labour and Immigration and Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock to venture in coconut tree re-planting.

MCILI’s Permanent Secretary Mr Riley Mesepitu said Ministry of Commerce will proceed in carrying out activities focusing on coconut industry, and it is an area to look at seriously and aggressively this year.

“I think there is also a need to look at re-planting as number of our coconut tree is declining, and I am really willing to work closely with the MAL along with CEMA,” Mesepitu said.

Mesepitu said now coconut industry is very important area for economic development of Solomon Islands.

So through MCILI’s marketing and industry division and commercial division Mesepitu said they will take the matter seriously and aggressively.

To focus on coconut industry development, Mesepitu said they are planning to recruit a coconut Secretariat, someone who could really lead the sector.

MAL permanent secretary Mr Jimmi Saelea said in the area of re-planting, it is very critical to Solomon Islands.

He said that is one area MAL try to look at how best they can address such issue of re-planting.

Saelea said over the years Ministry have been trying but can’t go anywhere because it’s something needs more capability to do the work.

He also explained our farmer needs a lot of education in terms re-planting coconut, and it is other area local farmers require which government and relevant stakeholders need to look at seriously.

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