Mbokakimbo market murder case adjourned


The case against a man charged with murder has adjourned for July 3 for investigations to be complete.

John Paeni, 30, is charged with one count of murder contrary to section 200 of the Penal Code.

Yesterday at the Magistrate Court state prosecutor Monica Rehamora updated the court on the status of the investigation which is yet to be complete.

The outstanding documents police investigator is yet to obtain are the photograph of the crime scene and number of civilian witnesses’ statements, Rehamora said.

Rehamora sought a 14-day adjournment for police to complete the investigations and obtain the outstanding documents.

Defence counsel Delilah Kukura told court she will be the legal representative for Mr Paeni.

Court directions for the prosecution to serve perusal disclosures to Kukura and police to obtain all the outstanding document during the course of the adjournment.

Prosecution alleged on May 31, 2023 at 3am in the morning a witness and her husband were waiting for market truck at Mbokakimbo road beside a market stall.

The witness and her husband heard some people talking at the nearest village just beside the market stall.

Not long after they heard a sound of an object banging against the copper shed just close to the market stall where the witness and her husband were standing.

The couple saw Paeni holding a long bush knife in his right hand and was walking along the main road (Mbokakimbo road).

The allegation says the accused, holding on to the bush knife, asked the deceased why he had not returned to his home.

The accused moved close to the deceased and strike the bush knife against the body of the deceased several times.

The witness called the accused to stop what he was doing and the accused stopped and walked away from the deceased.

The deceased walked past the market stall and fell inside the bush behind the stall.

The witness and her husband did not manage to check on the deceased as both boarded the vehicle to the market.

It was alleged around 6am a pastor who walked past the market stall saw the deceased’s body in the grass beside the road and part of his internal organs coming out of his belly.

The pastor informed the relatives and the relatives informed Tetere police and body was removed to the deceased’s home village in Tiuva, Northeast Guadalcanal.

Monica Rehamora appears for crown and Delilah Kukura represent Paeni

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