Mayor holds back on Sore

City Mayor Wilson Mamae
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MAYOR of Honiara City Council, Wilson Mamae has delayed his move to remove Clerk Rence Sore over the weekend.

One councillor told Island Sun that the Mayor was asked by councillors to remove Sore because of his involvement in the controversial fire extinguishers and land sale at Ranadi to a logging company.

“Sore’s involvements in all these issues have paint the bad pictures to the Executive.

“As such citizens in the city are questioning their councillors why they continue to hang on with the leadership of the Mayor,” the councillor said.

The councillor, who wished not to be named, said the Mayor needs to come and explain his reasons for not sacking the Clerk.

“We want to know the reasons why the Mayor still holds on to the Clerk.

“Is it because he is afraid of sacking the clerk who might release some confidential information?” the councillor asked.

The Mayor is currently facing a motion of no confidence on Monday 29th March.

Earlier, the Mayor said he is confident to defeat the motion.

In the meantime, a city resident is calling on the Mayor to explain the $800,000 the Council supposed to receive from the Malaysian logging company for the transfer of its land at Ranadi.

The city resident, who wished not to be named, said from information, there is no money received by the Treasury division at the Council.

As such, the resident asked the Mayor to come out and explain the whereabouts of the $800,000.