Mass cattle vaccination in Malaita

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THE Reach Consultancy Firm (RCF) will begin a free mass vaccination rollout on cattles in Malaita province.

RCF comprises of Malaitan experts in various fields including medical and agriculture.

The vaccination came after a MOA signed between MARA government and Director of Reach Consultancy, Former PS of Malaita province, Mr Fredrick Faabasua on November 10 2022.

In a statement from Faabasua, on the day the MOA was sealed a team of experts from Reach Consultancy Firm began vaccinating cattles at Dala Farm, a farm owned by Malaita Provincial Government.

Witnessing the vaccination was Premier of Malaita Province, Daniel Suidani, who was impressed to see a milestone achievement between his government and the private sector.

Faabasua said that under the MOA, Reach Consultancy will source the important vaccines from its overseas agents in Queensland, Australia at its own expense to provide the ground expertise, while the Malaita Provincial Government provides the logistical support on the ground.

“The vaccination rollout aims to cover all cattle on Malaita Island and this will be a mass rollout free to all farmers throughout the island.

“The only thing is for farmers to prepare yourself by establishing a proper stockyard so we can administer the drugs to your animals. Farmers will not pay for this service as it is provided free for you at your door step, although these vaccines are not cheap to acquire.

“The vaccination is important as it will protect your cattle from Leptospirosis to prevent abortion and Black Leg as there is certainly evidence of Leptospirosis on the island.

“Vetmec which will kill all internal and external parasites and SWAT pour on to eradicate Buffalo flies that can caused BEF or three-day sickness that there is evidence in cattle on Malaita.

“When cattle are vaccinated from Leptospirosis, it is a guarantee that your pigs, dogs and including us human beings are protected,” Director of Reach Consultancy stated.

He said that as part of the rollout, Reach Consultancy team will visit cattle farms in West Kwaio and Central Kwara’ae region from November 14 with the vaccinations.

Faabasua said the team will also send one of its officers to the Kwaibaita region in East Kwaio/Kwaraáe where currently is the main supplier of beef on Malaita to prepare farmers for the vaccination rollout ahead.

Adding that after completing the central, eastern and western regions of Malaita Island, the team will go North and South regions.

He said this would be the first doze of the roll-out and its second dose will applied after a period of 5-6 weeks, depending on the financial support they will get from MARA provincial government.

Faabasua said the Reach Consultancy thanked Malaita provincial government for small financial support continues to receive to carry out the vaccination roll-out on cattle in the province.

However, he said given the geographical challenge to reach to four regions in the province with the roll-out, Reach Consultancy definitely need logistical support and they’re calling on generous donor to support this life changing engagement with cattle farmers on Malaita.

“When we talk livelihood, the improvement of cattle stock, supply and quality is the answer and part of this equation.

“This is a start of bigger things ahead to come in reviving the cattle industry on Malaita that will be led by private sector,” Faabasua said.

He said the Reach Consultancy expertise ground team led by Director Mr Faabasua Faabasua, Dr Israel Wore, (the only available Veterinary Doctor in Solomon Islands), Mr Wilfred Maeluma, a retired livestock lecturer at SICHE now SINU, and Mr Rex Ramoiau, a retired livestock officer at the MAL Agriculture Extension Office in Auki, and Mr Ledley Diudi, another retired livestock officer from MAL Auki who still have contract with MPG that will ends in November 2022.