Market vendors commits offences, unknowingly for some


OFFENCES under the market ordinance are often committed by Central Market vendors, according to Honiara City Council Market Master, Mr Jimmy Riunga.

Speaking at a workshop last week for HCC law enforcement officers, Mr Riunga said some of the offences under the market ordinance are the display of unapproved goods, disorder and display of goods without paying a fee. Mr Riunga expressed that vendors who display goods without paying a fee are also committing an offence.

He mentioned that in one situation, a vendor questioned why they had to pay a fee when their goods were not purchased throughout the day.

Mr Riunga emphasized that vendors should know that the moment they display goods at the market they are expected to pay a fee.

He furthered that as market master he has the power to act when it comes to display of unapproved goods.

He explained that unapproved goods are products bought from outside the market or imported goods such as onions.

“I can give orders for enforcement officers to confiscate them”.

In the case of disorder, drunkenness and arguments in the market place, Mr Riunga said should such cases escalate into acts of violence, police are often alerted to the scene. He said this is an offence.

The market master was saying this in a group presentation during the workshop.

The workshop activity had Honiara City Council (HCC) Heads of Divisions in Management work in groups before introducing an ordinance and explaining their roles in the process of dealing with offences committed under that ordinance.

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