Marijuana receiver arrested with bag

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A 36-YEAR-OLD man from Kirakira was arrested on April 24, 2021 for receiving a packed farmer bag of marijuana drug inside LC Lokoiola.

Police Commissioner Mostyn Mangau said Kirakira police upon receiving a tip off that a farmer bag of Marijuana was sent onboard LC Lokoiola on its April-23trip, monitored who would be receiver of the farmer bag.

Mangau said when the LC Lokoiola berthed at Kirakira they monitored who the receiver would be and as a result, they halted the 36-year-old man and confiscated the farmer bag inside the ship.

The suspect was arrested and released pending proper charges to be laid on him.

Mangau said that bag was sent by someone in Honiara and police are calling on the communities or individual who might aware or knew of that person who sent that bag.

He said police investigation is continuing and in relation to the charge police will be waiting on the Director of Public Prosecution on what charges are to be laid as according to dangerous drugs Act, police only lay charge on suspects of drug related upon receiving authorization from the office of the DPP.

Mangau also warn young people as well the adults to refrain from engaging in drugs, as there are have been issues and problems happening inside the communities are caused by marijuana.

Therefore, communities must work together in addressing such issues and support police in their investigating such issues involving marijuana.

Meanwhile Provincial Police Commander PC Peter Sitai also said that Marijuana become an issue to many youths in Makira-Ulawa Province and therefore, everyone needs to work together in order to put such issue under control.

“You might not know your son or your daughter involved in such practices and as we can see many lives have already been affected from marijuana. Communities must step up to assist police to put a stop to this issue to protect our children,” PPC Sitai emphasizes.