MARA gov’t plans important projects for Auki

The current dumpsite at Molou residential area in Auki town.
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THE Suidani-led MARA government is planning to kick off work on some important projects for Auki Township.

The projects include Auki dumpsite, cemetery, and Flea market.

Premier Daniel Suidani said a plan is in place to begin work on the projects this year, 2022.

“Work on these three development projects for Auki Township is ongoing and we hope to start with actual physical work this year 2022,” he said.

Suidani said the projects are part of his government’s priorities for Auki Township and they will make sure it materializes for the development of Auki.

Auki town has been without a proper dumpsite since 1990s and the site used at Molou since then is still being used.

Waste Management Officer under MPG, Mr. Paul Iro said Auki town is expanding and there is a need to relocate the dumpsite from within the town.

He said they had already identified a government land at Gwaigeo as the proposed site for the new dumpsite and are working on it.

Iro said the plan to have a proper site for the programme is important as it will later develop into landfill.

Auki town is being without a government own cemetery since then and there is a need to have such project within the town.

Recently, PDOC Malaita has come up with the initiative during the height of the pandemic in the province and now MARA government is taking up the initiative.

The flea market is one of MARA government’s priorities for Auki town and Suidani has also announced his government’s intention to put-up one during the opening of Auki betel-nut market two years ago.

Last week, he re-strengthened their commitment for the flea market where proposed work on the facility to begin this year.

The establishment of a flea market in Auki will benefit Malaitans just like Auki betel-nut market, where vendors are earning money to support their families.