CSSI Auki releases prisoners under its SOPE

Members of Auki Correctional Centre and five inmates (now free) who had released under the CSSI early release program in Auki.
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AUKI Correctional Centre released five prisoners on Friday under its early release programme after approval from the Minister and CSSI heads in Honiara.

The programme comes under CSSI’s covid-19 State of Public Emergency (SoPE) which tries to address the overcrowding of inmates in correctional centres in the country.

In an interview, Sergeant Leonard Kali said the release of the inmates – who are now free had come after required works were done that guaranteed their release.

“Prior to their release, we have conducted casework on rehabilitating and reintegrating them at Auki Correctional Centre.

“After then, we sent reports of our work to CSSI head office and minister of police where the decision to release the inmates was made based on the report,” he said.

Kali explained that the programme only applies to inmates who have a one-year sentence or less and these five men have almost served their sentences.

“Like, for these released inmates, they only have weeks or a month before their sentences could lapse before leaving the centre,” he said.

Kali said the men are from Malaita province and had been serving sentences for charges laid against them on cases relating to domestic violence – mainly grievous harm.

He thanked the men for their time at the centre as they look forward to reuniting with their families, relatives and communities in the province.