MARA gov’t lauds MOU with MAL

Malaita Premier Daniel Suidani.
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MALAITA Provincial Government has lauded the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAL) for a MOU signed between them.

The MOU looks into ways of partnership with MAL through national government and MPG will collaborate in the agriculture sector to achieve better results for people in the province.

Speaking during the signing this week, Premier Daniel Suidani said his government and people are happy to sign the MOU with the national government.

He said this is the third MOU MARA government has signed with government ministries.

“Not long ago my government has signed historical MOUs with the MFMR on Bina Tuna Processing Plant project and with MCT.

“And this is the way we believe we should do things collaboratively,” Suidani said.

One that note, he said the MOU with MAL has marked a new journey in the development of agriculture and livestock in the province and the country.

“This is a new journey based on mutual cooperation and share responsibilities. Especially in addressing multiple challenges that often confront us in our large scale agriculture endeavors.

“We must take stock of our past disappointments and thereupon forge a new outlook for our agriculture sector.

Agriculture as we know is the pillar through which our society survives. Therefore, it is an industry that we all related better to it than any other sector.

“However, as our society expanded and grows in population we need to expand and grow the way we see agriculture as well,” Suidani said.

He said this is though what the MOU is intended to host. Finding new ways to work collaboratively in the agriculture sector to achieve better results.

“And as said in the MOU, our mutual interests and obligations are the pillars of the document.

“MPG will strive to ensure its parts in the MOU be executed correctly and we believed this will be the same for MAL,” Suidani said.