MARA approves $1.9m to counter covid-19 on Mala.

Premier of Malaita province Daniel Suidani
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THE Malaita Provincial Government has approved $1.9 million towards countering the current state of covid-19 in the province.

The budget was endorsed during an emergency meeting on Monday this week upon submissions made by the Provincial Disaster Operation Centre (PDOC).

In a statement, the Premier, Daniel Suidani said budget support for the operations of PDOC is critical as Malaita province is facing possible widespread COVID-19 community infections.

“The main issues needing support is preparing Aligegeo School into a processing facility to accommodate any big number of patient that might be infected and sick.

“The budget would give the operation centre adequate finance to deal with issues concerning logistics, accommodation and others.

“MARA government also passed during the meeting that Sundays and Wednesdays are the days communities around Malaita are encouraged to fast and pray for each other during this challenging time,” it said.

Premier Daniel Suidani issued a call to all Malaitans in the province and elsewhere to listen to the provincial and national authorities for advice.

According to the premier, this includes advice on vaccination to protect themselves and the country.

“Now that the dreaded covid-19 pandemic has arrived in our dear country, we must make sure it is controlled by adhering to proper advice which also includes vaccination.

“AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccines are shown to be the most effective vaccines and our people need to take them to keep safe if that is what the competent authorities have advised us on,” he said in the statement.

Suidani warned people in the province against congregating in large numbers and crowds.

“The virus spreads from person to person, so I appeal to our Malaita people to remain in their villages and households.

“This is not the time for gatherings or celebrations, sometimes people can be infected but not shown with any signs.

“This is why it is important to stay still in your village and households,” he warned.