Many youths suffer from failed penis experiments in silence


THE number of cases of males suffering from complications to their penis due to failed enlargement practices has lowered dramatically at the national referral hospital (NRH).

However, in the streets there are many ‘untold’ stories of youths suffering in silence from a backfired penis enlargement injection. They are too embarrassed to take their medical problem to the clinic or hospital for fear of being ridiculed.

Visiting injection hotspots in Honiara, youths say that those who have undergone injection with silicone gel during the past years now only have sex during certain times, fearing that the penis skin may tear from frequent sex.

“The current state of most that are injected is they do not enjoy usual sex anymore as a normal human being though they want to. This is because of the situation faced with the skin of the penis,” said youths.

“Truth is many are ashamed to present their problem at the hospital making them having continuous silent sufferings for this case.”

According to NRH Medical Superintendent Dr Rooney Jagilly, he did not see any case last year from which he guess it may mean that males have realised it is a bad practice hoping that the message has gone out to the male community.

“There have been statements in the media two years ago, this might mean of hardly seeing any cases last year. But we need to inform the public of the risks as people who do the injections are only after money.”

He elaborated that the infection happens because of the fact that the material used for injection is foreign and that it might not be sterile or the technique used may not be sterile.

“When the silicon is injected, the body mounts a strong reaction to it causing swelling and hardness. This is what makes the penis much larger than normal,” said Mr Jagilly.

“The main complications patients present with are pain, ulcerations, infections, numbness, phimosis (inability to retract the foreskin) and poor erection. Because of these, having sex can be difficult.

“It has been reported overseas that injection of the penis by untrained people can interfere with its blood supply and cause the penis to fall off.”

The surgery done according to the Medical Superintendant depends on the presenting of complications.

He said the aim of the surgery is usually to treat the immediate complication and then to try to make it as functional as it can be. Corrective surgery may include circumcision and excising the enlarged skin and soft tissue and putting a skin graft.

“It is unlikely the penis will be normal again as it was before the injection. This depends on the operation done but may take weeks to months,” said Jagilly.

The most common used for injection reported by youths is the wax jelly (petroleum) for hair being sold at shops for $13 to $15.

NRH’s Medical Superintendent wants to make aware that injection of foreign material into ones penis is dangerous and can have very bad outcome. These complications result in damage to the penis permanently.

“Part of the negative outcome is the embarrassment it can cause to the person. The patients that I have seen have all regrated what they did.

“Do not be fooled by the nice stories that it improves your sexual performance, it will more likely do the opposite.

“However those who unfortunately have themselves injected and have problems please see any of the surgeons and we will do our best to help you.

“I also call on those who do this practice to stop as it is causing more harm than good.”

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