Manele:Guideline for military ships, planes


SOLOMON Islands Government has established a guideline for approval and clearance of military aircrafts and naval vessels entering Solomon Islands airspace and maritime zone.

This comes after the country witnessed an influx of military aircrafts and naval vessels requesting approval to visit our shores.

Minister of Foreign Affairs and External Trade, Jeremiah Manele confirmed this during the sine die motion in Parliament.

Mr Manele said this is connected to geo-politics.

“And we need to ensure proper clearance is granted before they enter into our territorial airspace, land and sea.

“This very important to ensure our sovereignty both air, land and sea is respected at all times by any country,” he said.

In August, Solomon Islands put a moratorium on naval ships entering the country after it was late to grant approval to US Coast Guard Cutter (USGC) Oliver Henry and the HMS Spey.

However, the Government denied reports of failing to grant approval, blaming it on delay of paperwork.

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