Managing Director, Webpulse Solution Pvt Ltd”

(Webpulse Solution Pvt. Ltd. is an award-winning web designing, web marketing and web development company known for offering state of the art services and solutions to companies)

It seems to me an ideal opportunity to be able to further promote Solomon Islands in the manner set out and especially when anyone buying into the package on offer from the B2B website designer will have the added opportunity of having their own individual website as part of the deal and without any additional costs.

And there is the added bargain of a free trial period of 3 months.

If more information is needed please contact me via the link provided on my website and I will be very happy to help and forward any enquiries to the B2B website designer.

I should stress that my involvement in promoting this idea is entirely charitable and I will not be party to any financial arrangements that might be made by anyone with the designer of the B2B website

Yours sincerely


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