Man rubbishes house and solar projects



HOUSING, solar and other minor development projects national government is currently prioritising is not the pressing issues of need for the country.

A Malaitan, Mr Joe Naitoro made the statement saying the need of the country still remains to be realised by the national leaders.

He said the national government must know that before their programme on solar and housing began, people can afford those things by themselves.

“That shows people are capable to buy for iron-roofing for their houses, solar and other projects assisted by government or MPs.

“However, I should applaud that the inception of the projects had impacts on people, but fairly not economical.

“A real scenario was lot of constituents after receiving their iron-roofings, they never build a house because they luck money to build a house with those iron-roofings,” Naitoro said.

He said downplays the material help that national leaders are giving constituents, saying that the roofing irons will eventually corrode.

Naitoro said those give-outs are short term solutions.

“Thus, what I suggested the pressing need for the country is economical development.

“The national government or MPs should reprioritize their development strategy and set their focus on economical activities in the constituencies or provinces.

“Through their engagement with those developments they can build their own houses, buy their own solar or address other needs they had.

“So the pressing need of the country is not iron-roofing and solar, but projects that can look at generating income into their families,” he said.

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