Man facing multiple abuse charges in court

The case of a man facing multiple counts of abuse was mentioned in court yesterday.

Joseph Tekohe was brought before Principal Magistrate Elma Veenah Rizzu Hilly at the magistrate court.

He is charged with three counts of Domestic Violence Psychological abuses contrary to section 4 (1) (c) & 58(1), Psychological abuses contrary to section 4 (1) (c ) & 58 (1) (2)  and lastly, Domestic Violence on Economic abuse contrary to section 4 (1) (d) & 58 (1) (2) of the Family Protection Act 2014.

The complainant and Mr Tekohe are biological siblings from Sikaiana Island, Malaita Outer Islands. They currently reside together at their family residence in Koloale.

Allegations say on May 13, 2023 between 11pm and midnight, an intoxicated Tekohe arrived at their residence in a public taxi and psychological abused the complainant, using insulting words that degraded her and her husband’s status.

He also allegedly used a timber to damage the door of the complainant’s bedroom and various household items, including plates and cups.

Tekohe is on court bail extension – he has to report every Monday from 8am to 4pm at the China Town police post office for his court bail.

Court adjourned for August 7 as Tekohe is yet to find a lawyer.

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