Man facing attempted murder charge released on bail


COURT has granted bail on the accused facing an attempted murder charge yesterday after prosecution made no objection on the bail application submitted by defence.

This is the case of an accused Maraki Teururu.

Yesterday defence made an application to allow his client to be released on bail while his case is still progressing in the court.

Deputy Chief Magistrate Ricky Iomea released the accused with strict bail conditions imposed one of the condition he must comply with before releasing from custody is for the accused to pay a cash bail of $1000 and also the accused suety to sign a principal bail of $1000 as well.

Other bail conditions also imposed by the court and the accused must abide to all the conditions.

Magistrate Iomea also made the ruling on the preliminary inquiry that was conducted and he committed the matter to the High Court to stand trial as the case has sufficient evidence to proceed to the High Court for trial.

Teururu was charged for an attempted murder charge and on the previous occasion the defence lawyer is making a proposal to the prosecution for re-consideration of the current charge.

This is in relation to the case occurred at White-river where police arrested a man for the charged of attempted murder.

The allegation said to have occurred on the night of April 8, 2018 at the 01 bus stop market area at White River.

Prosecution alleged the accused and the alleged victim were involved in an altercation at the bus stop area and as a result the accused used an axe to strike the victim’s head

Public Prosecutor John Zoze prosecutes the case in court.

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