Man arrested for Intimidation awaits his trial


A man who was charged by police on one count of intimidation and he pleads not guilty to the charged

Defendant Dudley Hiroari trial is confirmed by the court and two counsels in carriage of the file to commence on November 30, 2023.

Prosecution and defence counsel confirm to the court on the interim mention that they have no issue regarding the date for trial that been set by court.

Court adjourned to October 10, 2023 at 9 am for interim mention.  

Bail is extended for defendant.

Prosecution alleged defendant Hiroari and other men went to the Putu logging camp on November 12, 2022 to check on their land boundaries.

The next day, Hiroari allegedly went to the complainant house and threatened her at her own home. Victim stated that defendant came to her looking very angry and shouted to her saying abusive words.

Complainant report the matter to the Buala police and Hiroari was later arrested.

Police Prosecution appears for the Crown and Private law firm appear for the defence.

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