Work on the Mamara City project last year.
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Locals told to leave as investor expands project


METROPOLIS Mamara Development Limited is pushing out indigenous landowners to allow the development of Mamara Township Development in the western end of Honiara.

Chief Mariano Mele confirmed this when he received a 30-day notice of restriction and vacation from the company on August 9, 2022 targeting those that continue to build houses, cultivate food gardens and hosting beach-goers to leave the company land.

The company communication officer, Derick Aihari said the area between Poha and Mamara Rivers and beyond is currently under construction and is subject to clearance by the company workers at any time, so be prepared to vacate immediately without notice and any other form of compensation.

Aihari said those who need help to evacuate properties, the company is willing to help to remove their materials.

He said failure to adhere to this notice will result in Eviction orders according to laws of Solomon Islands.

The company had served notices, eviction orders, court orders, evacuation exercises, served and carried out since 2013 for people to leave their properties.

Aihari said: “You are doing so without authority which simply means you have been trespassing on the company land.

“However, the company is so kind enough to have watching you to do so without taking any legal action against you.

“Those of you who have decided to disobey those previous notices and orders are doing so at your own risk and will be subject to removal without notice and any other form of compensation.”

However, Chief Mele said it is not right because his people have been staying on the land since 1960s and depend on the river and land for survival and livelihood.

He said as an indigenous landowner of Guadalcanal, he has the right to live on the land given by his ancestors.

Further to that, Chief Mele said his people have protected the properties of the company during the November riots last year otherwise youths would have torched them down.

He calls on the Guadalcanal Premier to dialogue with them in order to sort out the issue with the company.

According to Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Commerce, Industry, Labour and Immigration, Riley Mesepitu, the Mamara- Tasivarongo- Mavo development project is styled after the North New Georgia Timber Corporation Act.

Like NNGTC; an act called ‘Mamara- Tasivarongo- Mavo agreement Act’ was passed in parliament in 1995 to govern the development of the Mamara- Tasivarongo- Mavo areas.

Mesepitu said the Act gives power for a council to decide and make important decisions regarding the development of the areas.

It is understood that the council consists of four officials representing the government- the minister of Commerce, the minister of Lands, the Minister of Provincial Government and the Minister of Finance.

The Premier of Guadalcanal Province is also a member of the council as well as three investment members representing the developer, MPPL.

Mesepitu said the council’s duties amongst others is to approve work plans, discuss issues arising during the course of development and other important matters pertaining to the development of Mamara- Tasivarongo- Mavo lands.