Mamaloni family want name cleared from land row

By Mike Puia

CHILDREN of former Prime Minister, the late Solomon Mamaloni, want their name cleared from a row in the Henderson area, east Honiara, which stemmed from a land boundary dispute.

The row is between Samlimsan Logging Company, which owns a block of land next to a block owned by the late Solomon Mamaloni, and settled by families of former workers of the SOMA company (a now-defunct company which was owned by late Mamaloni).

Former employees were chased out of the adjacent block and had since then moved into the block owned by SOMA. It is reported that Samlimsan company last Tuesday, entered the area and destroyed eight homes there.

When police intervened some families, whose homes were destroyed, told them (police) that they were invited by the children of the late former Prime Minister.

“Junior Mamaloni was unhappy when settlers entered their land and claimed they were invited by him (Junior Mamaloni) in their defence to the police,” Junior Tangi, caretaker of Mamaloni’s land at Henderson, said.

Tangi said the boundary that separates late Mamaloni’s land and Samlimsan’s land is an issue that is yet to be cleared.

He said there are conflicting arguments about the boundary but Mamaloni’s family has solid evidence to claim ownership.

Tangi said Junior Mamaloni had never invited the settlers that were chased out from Samlimsan land into their land.

He encouraged settlers to stay out from this issue and allow the late Mamaloni’s family and the company (Samlimsan) to sort things out themselves.

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