Malaita’s anniversary to be celebrated in wards

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This year’s second appointed day celebrations will be done in each ward for Malaita province.

Deputy premier [also supervising premier] for Malaita, Randol Sifoni told Island Sun yesterday the province’s 38th birthday will be celebrated in each ward as a fulfilment of Premier Daniel Suidani’s announcement last year that this year’s occasion will be celebrated at the ward level.

Sifoni said the Malaita Executive passed this resolution this week during the ongoing Executive meeting.

“In discussions the two main areas we looked at are;

1, This year’s Second Appointed Day celebration planned for ward level to concur with statement made by premier during last year’s celebration to mark this year’s celebration in ward level celebration.

2, So that people in rural communities have a test of this important provincial day, rather than marking the day only in Auki all year round.”

He said the executive meeting will conclude next week; thereafter they will formally inform all MPAs to begin preparation for the celebration.

Sifoni said the Malaita government (MPG) has allocated a $100,000 budget for the celebration.

He adds that they will look at ways to gauge more funds to top this amount up.

He said they will try their best for each MPA to receive $20,000 to host their respective celebrations.

“Even fund might not enough, celebration decided for ward level and 33 MPAs through their WDC will overlook planning of program for their wards according to fund will receive.

“So whether the fund is small or big, each MPA must celebrate this year’s 38th anniversary with his people in ward level,” Sifoni said.

He said MPG looks forward to support from people and communities in the province towards marking the 38th Second Appointed Day in the 33 wards in the province.